Importing Sex Toys from China: A Comprehensive Guide

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In the adult industry, China is the largest sex toys manufacturer, with approximately 70% of sex toys in the market being produced in China, according to market research data. From 2017 to 2019, China’s sex toys industry experienced explosive growth, benefiting from a mature industrial chain. Currently, there are over 1000 sex toys manufacturers in China, and the industry has well-established processes for raw material supply, product research, design, production, and packaging.

As the global manufacturing hub for sex toys, China boasts mature production technology, standardized industry processes, stable product quality, and low production costs. Consequently, many top-notch sex toys brands import their products from China, while some even establish their own sex toys factories in China.

In this article, we will explore how to import sex toys from China.

1.Sex Toys Suppliers in China

Due to the rapid growth of the sex toys market, a large number of new sex toys suppliers have emerged in the Chinese market in the past two years, including new factories and trading companies.

1.1 Sex Toys Factory

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Currently, there are two main sex toys manufacturing bases in China. In the northern part of China, sex toys factories are mainly concentrated in Zhejiang Province, with a focus on products like Lingeries and BDSM toys. On the other hand, the most common types of vibrating sex toys are primarily manufactured in Dongguan, China, with a range of products including Sex Vibrators, Anal Toys, Dildos, and more.

Currently, most sex toy factories in China primarily engage in OEM manufacturing, producing customized sex toys for adult product brands worldwide. ALLURBE is one of these Chinese sex toy factories located in Dongguan. As a sex toy factory, our advantage lies in having a mature supply chain, advanced production equipment, and technology, which result in low production costs and consistent product quality. We also have the capability of independent product research and development, enabling us to offer various customized services based on customer requirements, including ODM, re-packaging, laser-engraved logos, and more.

1.2 Sex Toys Trade Company

As an indispensable part of China’s Sex Toys suppliers, trading companies can integrate advantageous resources from different manufacturers in the market and provide them to their customers. Trading companies are more sensitive to the market, familiar with popular products, and consumer needs. In terms of product quality, they can help customers conduct the first round of screening for products produced by factories. Generally, cooperating with sex toy trading companies enables better service provision.

2. How To Find a Good Supplier

2.1 Whats kinds of Sex Toys Suppliers You May need?

We need to determine the type of supplier we want to collaborate with based on our company’s situation – factory or trading company? Generally, sex toys importers, distributors, or big sex toys brands prefer to work directly with factories. They have wide sales channels, large sales volume, and significant product demand. They may have specific requirements for product design, features, and are sensitive to pricing. Direct cooperation with factories allows them to control costs effectively and assists in wholesale of adult products in local or international markets.

On the other hand, wholesalers, small brand owners, and retailers often choose to work with trading companies. They are most interested in popular product types in the market and prefer to spend minimal time and effort finding the best-selling products. Sex toy traders can efficiently accomplish this task.

2.2 How to Find a Good Supplier?

2.2.1. B2B Platforms


B2B Platforms Currently, there are many B2B platforms in China, such as Alibaba, Global Sources, Made in China, and others. On these platforms, there are many excellent Sex Toys Suppliers. Here, we can find appropriate Sex Toys Manufacturers or Factories and Trade Companies. It is crucial to use various means to verify the suppliers' credibility, production capacity, product quality, and service quality to avoid financial losses.

2.2.2. Google

Based on our understanding, in the highly competitive China foreign trade market, some Sex Toys suppliers are choosing not to showcase their services and products on B2B platforms. Instead, we can find these types of suppliers by searching different keywords on Google.

2.2.3. Chinese Buyer

China, being the world’s largest producer of Sex Toys, attracts many large companies to establish offices for handling product manufacturing and sourcing in the country. Moreover, some Sex Toys distributors employ a Chinese buyer to assist them with product selection, supplier communication, quality verification, and product export in China.

3. Ship Sex Toys From China

3.1 Leading Time

Sex Toys In Stock: 2-3 Days

Custom Logo/Packaging: 4-10 Days

ODM (design, tooling,sample test,mass production): 1-2 months.

3.2 Documents Required for Import Sex Toys

Transporting products requires customs inspection, and in most cases, customs inspection requires local market certification reports and transportation safety reports for the products.

  1. Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
  2. UN38.3
  3. Cargo Safety Transport Certification Report
  4. Non-Hazardous Goods Declaration Letter

It is essential to pay special attention to whether the imported adult products comply with the legal requirements of the local market. Currently, some countries in the Middle East, India, and Pakistan, among others, prohibit the import of sex toys.

3.3 Shipping Method

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Shipping Methods: DHL, UPS, FedEx, and more, generally deliver within 3-8 days. Ocean Freight: 30-45 days. Land Transportation: 20-40 days.

You can choose the appropriate shipping method based on the urgency of the order and the freight cost. You can contact us to inquire about the approximate shipping cost and calculation methods.

4. Why Imports Sex Toys From China

  1. Large-scale production: China is the world’s largest producer of sex toys, with mature production infrastructure and supply chains, enabling large-scale production and cost reduction.

  2. Diverse product variety: Chinese sex toy factories offer various types of products, including vibrators, lingerie, and bullet eggs, catering to different market demands.

  3. Stable quality: Chinese sex toy factories have extensive experience, ensuring stable and reliable product quality, providing customers with high-quality products.

  4. OEM services: Chinese suppliers offer OEM services, allowing product customization and brand packaging according to customer requirements, helping customers establish their own brands.

  5. Convenient transportation: China has a well-developed logistics system, enabling easy shipping of sex toys worldwide through express, sea, or air freight.


China is the leading producer of sex toys globally, offering a wide variety of products, including vibrators, lingerie, and bullet eggs. With mature production infrastructure and supply chains, Chinese sex toy factories can handle large-scale production, reducing costs for customers. They also ensure stable and reliable product quality, making them a popular choice for sex toy imports. Additionally, Chinese suppliers provide OEM services, allowing customization and brand packaging, enabling customers to establish their own brands. Convenient transportation options, such as DHL, UPS, FedEx, and sea or air freight, make importing sex toys from China a feasible and attractive option for businesses worldwide.

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