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In today’s fiercely competitive sex toy market, product packaging and display are no longer just about appearance and presentation. They play a crucial role in guiding consumer purchasing decisions. As the sex toy industry continues to evolve and diversify, brands and suppliers are striving to create unique and captivating packaging and display solutions that leave a lasting impression on consumers and boost sales. This blog will delve into the importance of sex toy packaging and display, and how to design remarkable solutions that attract attention, increase sales, and shape brand identity. Whether you are a wholesaler, brand owner, or B2B professional, this content will unveil the mystery behind sex toy packaging and display, providing practical guidelines to gain a competitive edge in the market. Let’s explore together how unique packaging and display can captivate consumers’ attention and lead to sales and brand success in the ever-evolving sex toy market.

1. Why Packaging is Important for Sex Toy Brands

1.1 Captivating and Attracting Attention

The packaging and display of sex toys are crucial in capturing consumer interest. Simple yet impactful design, consumer-oriented concepts, high-quality materials, and unique creativity are key elements. Stand out in the competitive market and win consumers’ attention and affection.

1.2 Conveying Brand Identity

Packaging serves as a vital representative of the brand identity, acting as more than just a protective shell for the product. It serves as a bridge between the brand and consumers. Through clever packaging design, brand core values and positioning can be conveyed effectively. Brand logos, colors, fonts, patterns, and other elements should align with the brand’s philosophy and style, enabling consumers to recognize your brand’s distinctive features at a glance. Whether it’s chic, high-end, budget-friendly, or innovative, the packaging should seamlessly connect with the brand identity, leaving a lasting impression on consumers and leading them to choose your product amidst numerous options.

2. How to choose the best Package for your Sex Toy Brands

ALLURBE is the leading sex toy manufacturer in China, offering a wide range of custom services to importers, wholesalers, and brands. Based on our experience and market research, we have identified several mainstream sex toy packaging options. Let’s analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each packaging type:

2.1 Color Box Package

Color box packaging is the most common type of sex toy packaging, which effectively showcases brand information and conveys brand value. Brand and product information can be printed on each side of the color box packaging. Using color box packaging for sex toys can enhance the product’s giftability and added value. However, this type of packaging is generally more expensive, and it may increase transportation costs. Sex toys with electronic components such as Vibrators, Masturbators, Bullet, etc., usually adopt this type of packaging. Chinese manufacturers often include a plastic sleeve inside the packaging box to protect the sex toys from potential damage during handling or transportation.

Normal Color Box Package

Normal Colored Package

Retailer Color Box Package

Retail colored package

2.2 Gift Box Package

Gift box packaging is the most expensive among all types of packaging. It is thicker and has a better feel when held in hand compared to color box packaging, making it more effective in conveying the brand image. Using gift box packaging for the same sex toy model enhances its sense of luxury compared to color box packaging. Additionally, gift box packaging allows for a wider range of printing art possibilities. However, the drawbacks of gift box packaging are evident: it is costly, heavier than other types of packaging, and may increase transportation expenses. Generally, high-end or valuable sex toys opt for gift box packaging.

When designing gift box packaging, we usually consider the following aspects:

Normal Gift Box Package

Normal Gift Box Package

Open Windows Box Package

open windows package

Gift Box Package For Kits

Gift box for kits

2.3 Blister Package

Blister Packed Sex Toys

Blister packaging is the preferred choice for most brands when it comes to sex toy packaging. Compared to the previous two types of packaging, blister packaging is much more affordable, and its weight and volume are relatively small, making it ideal for transportation and display. However, blister packaging also has its drawbacks, as it has limited information display and may not look as high-end as color box packaging and gift box packaging. Typically, conventional products and small-sized sex toys from various brands can consider this type of packaging.

2.4 Aluminum foil bag

Aluminum foil bag sex toys

Aluminum foil bag is a commonly used packaging type by sex toy manufacturers. This packaging is very cost-effective and provides basic protection against dust and dirt for the sex toys. However, it may not offer sufficient protection against compression or deformation of the toys. This type of packaging is suitable for Non-Vibrating Cock Rings or Dildos, Masturbators, and similar products.

3. How to Custom Sex Toys Package

ALLURBE is a China-based factory specializing in providing long-term OEM services for sex toys. We offer a range of packaging-related services:

  1. Sex toy packaging design: Our experienced team of designers is well-versed in market trends and will create various packaging options tailored to your brand positioning.

  2. Packaging pricing: Through our established partnerships with packaging manufacturers, we ensure highly competitive pricing for all packaging solutions.

  3. Low minimum order quantities: We cater to different packaging design and material requirements, offering low minimum order quantities to support new brands and large-scale production needs.

Partner with us to elevate your sex toy packaging and enhance your brand image in the market.


In the sex toy industry, packaging design plays a crucial role. An appealing, unique, and brand-representative packaging can stand out in the competitive market, attracting more consumers’ attention. As your reliable partner, ALLURBE is dedicated to providing diverse packaging design options, ensuring your products stand out on the shelves.

Our professional design team will tailor the most suitable packaging solution based on market trends and your brand positioning. Additionally, our long-term collaboration with packaging manufacturers ensures budget-friendly prices to meet your requirements.

Whether you’re a new brand starting out or a large brand seeking bulk production, our low minimum order quantities strategy perfectly suits your needs. ALLURBE is committed to being your solid support on the road to success, creating eye-catching sex toy packaging that conveys brand value and enhances consumer experience.

Contact us now, and let’s embark on an exciting journey of creating captivating sex toy packaging together!

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