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With the gradual openness of societal attitudes and the widespread acceptance of sexual culture, the sex toys market has been on the rise and shows a thriving trend. Sex toys are no longer just products to fulfill individual needs but have become consumables with upgraded consumer demands and cultural characteristics. The market demand has been increasing year by year, with many renowned brands exporting their sex toys to other countries, and many brands importing sex toys from China. The fusion of various cultures and designs provides consumers with more choices for sex toys. However, the quality of different types of sex toys becomes the primary concern for consumers when selecting a product. Therefore, conducting product quality inspections on imported sex toys is particularly crucial. This not only protects the reputation of importers’ businesses but also helps avoid economic losses caused by product quality issues. In this article, we will discuss how importers can carry out quality inspections on sex toys.

1. How to Find a Good Chinese Sex Toys Supplier

Regarding how to find a good Chinese sex toys supplier, we have already covered relevant information in our blog article. Click the button below to explore the detailed content.

1.1 Check Supplier's Reputation and Qualifications

In the past three years, the sex toys industry in the Chinese market has witnessed a significant leap, with over a thousand factories in Guangdong province alone, along with a multitude of trading companies. Therefore, it is crucial to conduct thorough checks on the reputation and qualifications of suppliers during communication. Importers can search the supplier’s company name online to look for any negative news or reviews. Additionally, Sex Toy Importers can examine their website and products and conduct a Google search to find their past and current partners and analyze the duration of their collaborations. Moreover, during communication with suppliers, Importers can request relevant credentials, such as third-party factory inspection reports, factory production certifications, and product certifications.

1.2 Check supplier's sex toys production process and quality control measures

For a long time, China has been supplying over 70% of sex toys worldwide. Most Chinese factories have mature production techniques and standardized processes. Therefore, after verifying the factory’s reputation and qualifications, there is no need to worry too much about production capacity and quality control. A simple discussion with the supplier will suffice. It is worth noting that if the factory conducts full quality inspections on all sex toys produced instead of sampling inspections, it can better control product quality issues. Currently, at ALLURBE factory, all products undergo quality inspections after completing the production process on the assembly line and entering the QC testing platform. This approach effectively reduces the probability of defective products and facilitates the optimization of our production process.

2. Product Quality Standards and Requirements for Sex Toys

This section of content can be found in our previous article about sex toy certifications, where you can learn about the quality standards and requirements for sex toys in different countries.

Here, we will focus on the product quality standards and requirements that sex toys importers need to pay attention to:

2.1 The Quality Of Sex Toys Raw Material

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Currently, most sex toys on the market are made of materials such as silicone, PVC, TPE, glass, and metal. Click on the following article to learn about the requirements and differences of various materials.

For sex toys, silicone materials made from medical-grade or food-grade silicone are safe choices.

2.2 Sex Toys Certification

Under normal circumstances, if a certain sex toy has obtained the local market’s product certification, we can trust that the product meets the required quality standards. After receiving the product certificates provided by the supplier, the importer only needs to verify the authenticity of the certificates.

2.3 Packaging Of Sex Toys

Packaging design and materials for sex toys are crucial for importers, especially for products that undergo international transportation. Inadequate packaging can lead to deformation or contamination during shipping, resulting in direct financial losses for importers.

2.4 After-service From Supplier

In general, most Chinese factories offer a six-month warranty for sex toys. Some factories may provide a one-year product warranty. With such warranty periods, importers can confidently sell the imported products without worrying about potential economic losses due to individual product quality issues.

3. How to Perform Quality Inspection on Sex Toys

3.1 Performance Testing

  1. Function Testing: Confirming if all product functions operate properly, such as different vibration modes, speed adjustments, etc.
  2. Strength Testing: Testing the performance and stability of adjustable strength settings.
  3. Noise Testing: Testing the noise level produced during product use to ensure compliance with relevant standards.
  4. Vibration Testing: Testing the frequency and amplitude of product vibrations to ensure they meet design requirements.
  5. Charging Performance Testing: For rechargeable products, testing charging time, battery life, etc.
  6. Waterproof Testing: Testing the product’s waterproof performance to ensure safe usage in water.

3.2 Safety Testing

  1. Material Safety Testing: Conduct chemical composition testing on the materials used in the product to confirm the absence of harmful substances.
  2. Electrical Safety Testing: Perform electrical safety testing on electrically operated products to ensure stable circuits and good insulation.
  3. Strength Safety Testing: Conduct safety testing on products with adjustable strength to avoid excessive force that may cause discomfort or harm.
  4. Sharp Edge Testing: Test for sharp edges in the product to prevent scratching or injuring the user.
  5. Packaging Safety Testing: Test the product’s packaging to ensure compliance with relevant safety standards and avoid packaging-related safety hazards.

4. How To Deal With The Quality Problem Of Sex Toys

Finding a reliable sex toys supplier can be challenging. When facing quality issues, importers can communicate with the supplier regarding the severity of the problem and the resolution. Most suppliers will actively cooperate to resolve the issues and optimize their production processes to prevent future occurrences. With a supplier willing to provide excellent after-sales service, importers can carefully consider continuing the partnership. Normally, a long-term partnership requires some adjustments, and the occurrence of issues can test the supplier’s responsibility, willingness, and capability to address problems.


When searching for the right supplier, quality is always the primary concern for importers. In this article, we have briefly discussed how to check the supplier’s qualifications and reputation, as well as the various aspects importers should consider for comprehensive quality testing of the products. We hope this information can assist you in selecting a supplier and conducting quality inspections for imported goods. If you have any thoughts or opinions on this topic, we welcome discussions in the comment section.

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