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Experiencing countless encounters of expecting to meet beautiful women on various dating apps only to be disappointed by reality, the art of flirting in the real world has made a strong comeback. Love experts specifically emphasize that when men encounter charming women, they naturally want to engage in flirtation. After all, one must take risks to achieve prosperity, as the saying goes, “Without entering the tiger’s den, how can one obtain a tiger cub?”

However, there are certain girls or women that you really shouldn’t flirt with, and it’s even more crucial not to entertain thoughts of taking things further with them. Some women are simply off-limits, especially the following 18 types.

1.Your best friend’s ex-girlfriend

You’re not a salesperson, so your friends aren’t your downline. In matters of love, there’s nothing that relatives won’t take into account, unless you no longer want that friend, especially if they’re the type who loves boasting about their bedroom skills. Even if you decide to pursue a relationship, she is likely to compare you to your friend. Trust the experts when they say you won’t want to be treated like a piece of meat on a weighing scale.

2.The girl your best friend has always wanted but never succeeded with

Despite your friend encouraging you to give it a try, think about it. This girl is undoubtedly out of your league. Why would she let you succeed when she rejected your friend?

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3.Your boss

Perhaps you might succeed, but then what? You’ll become the person others talk about, thinking you’re using your boss for personal gain. On the other hand, if your female boss flirts with you, with her authority, you’ll become her pawn. It’s time to find a new job.

4.Your subordinate

Do you know about the #MeToo movement?

5.Your female teacher

Same principle as the boss!

6.Female bartenders

In a nightclub filled with so many women, why would you specifically target the female bartender? She will be delighted because her job is not about developing emotional connections with customers but selling more drinks. And if you’re willingly fawning over a female bartender who has the conditions to make you do so, rest assured there are more foolish customers like you. Go ahead and take a number, like a pig ready to be slaughtered.

7.Seductive promotion girls

They deal with men like you all day long. When you make a move, they’ll rate your pickup techniques on a scale of 1 to 10, mostly scoring below 3. Why do you think you’re scoring higher? Okay, if you happen to flash your Ferrari keys, your chances might increase a little! But it’s also possible that you’ll have to pay for several bottles of expensive single malt whiskey, spending tens of thousands, or else they won’t leave work.

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8.Policewomen on the street

It’s fine to ask for directions, but using inappropriate language might get you a fine. As for hitting on a policewoman who catches you for a traffic violation, you’ll immediately find yourself in handcuffs, playing the SM game in jail, or rather, being played by other inmates.

9.Beautiful actresses

If you spot Chou Tzu-yu at a restaurant or nightclub and want her, several bodyguards will swiftly carry you out and give you a good lesson.

10.Your student

Do you know about the #MeToo movement? (Same as above)

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11.Married women

It’s fine if you want to reenact Paradise Lost or The Scarlett Letter, but please watch the endings of those two movies first.

12.Women at funerals

We understand that you may feel sad at that time, and we know that death and sex are often connected, but it’s highly likely that the woman you’re interested in is a relative of the deceased, while you’re just a pervert who has watched too much adult content.

13.Women who have rejected you for the past five years

What you need at this point is not her, but a therapist. By the way, you shouldn’t flirt with therapists either. They charge by the hour for listening to you and won’t get emotionally involved.

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14.Taxi or Uber drivers

Same principle as seductive promotion girls or female bartenders.

15.Women stuck with you in an elevator

Maybe there’s a slim chance of success, but there’s a higher chance that the woman is already frightened being trapped in a confined space. If you approach and harass her, triggering her anxiety, once the elevator is fixed and the doors open, get ready for the police to come and apprehend you. Pay attention to the severity of #MeToo.

16.Super hot girls who send you friend requests on Facebook

Why would such an attractive woman actively seek men to flirt with online? It’s a new trick of Line escort girls. If you have deep pockets, go ahead, no one is stopping you.

17.Girls who are more than 10 years younger than you

“Eye candy” may be a term men use, but unless you have Ferrari keys or she’s merely seeking a sugar daddy, it’s not happening.

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18.Your ex

Are you really so pitiful that you can’t find other women to flirt with?

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