Enhancing Your Brand with Customized Adult Toys: A Comprehensive Guide


With the prevalence of online shopping and consumers’ increasing focus on product quality, branding has become crucial in the adult toy industry. When communicating with owners of adult toy shops, both physical and online, we often hear their feedback: the adult toy business is significantly impacted by platforms like Amazon and eBay, where prices are very competitive, and the variety of products is vast.

In reality, winning the price competition is challenging, and the key to gaining customer trust lies in service and quality. Therefore, if you aim to run a long-lasting adult toy business, branding is the path you must take. A strong brand becomes the core asset of your adult toy business.

1. Types of Customization Services in the Adult Products Industry

1.1 OEM

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) is the most common customization model in the adult products industry. In this model, the brand selects products of interest from the factory and customizes them with their own branding, packaging, product colors, silk-screened logos, and more. The advantage of this model is its cost-effectiveness and short lead times. However, its drawback is the availability of similar products in the market. Of course, ALLURBE also offers another collaboration model where, if the brand’s order quantity meets certain requirements, they can request that we no longer produce this specific product for other companies.

1.2 ODM

ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) is another customization model in the adult products industry. In this model, the brand provides product designs and various performance specifications, and the factory produces the product according to the brand’s requirements. The advantage of this model is that product design and external patents belong to the brand, making the product unique without similar alternatives. The drawback is that it is costlier than the OEM type, and the delivery time may be relatively longer.

Should you require any further information or have additional inquiries, please feel free to let me know.

2. Customization Process for Adult Products

2.1 Requirement Discussion: Begin by discussing your customization needs with the factory. Share details such as product colors, material specifications, specific parameters, and packaging design requirements.

2.2 Order Confirmation and Contract: The factory confirms the order and establishes a cooperation contract. You proceed by making an initial deposit.

2.3 Mold Creation and Product Visualization: The factory initiates mold creation and provides you with product renderings and 3D prototypes. After your approval of these visual materials, the factory proceeds with sample production.

2.4 Sample Confirmation: Upon your confirmation of the samples, the factory schedules mass production.

2.5 Final Payment and Shipping: Once you’ve settled the final payment, the factory arranges for order shipment.

Of course, the OEM service process for adult products is relatively simpler. You just need to share your requirements and confirm the samples. Our factory will take care of the rest.

3. Considerations for Customized Adult Products

3.1 Regulatory Issues: This primarily involves import and export considerations. Typically, factories can provide product safety certificates for sea transportation. Some countries may require you to have import qualifications and customs clearance capabilities.

3.2 Product Design: Based on your design and parameter requirements. To avoid any issues during production due to cultural and language differences, it is crucial to clearly specify your requirements, minimizing the chances of factory issues.

3.3 Material Selection: Currently, most factories use medical-grade silicone materials. These materials meet the requirements of most markets. It’s essential to communicate and understand these materials with the manufacturer before placing an order.

3.4 Privacy Information: Some brands prefer to keep their suppliers confidential. Therefore, it is essential to verify packaging design and packing lists to ensure customer and consumer privacy is not compromised.

3.5 Product Testing: Sample testing is essential because once the samples are confirmed, the factory will produce in bulk according to the specified sample parameters. Subsequent modifications are less likely.

In Summary

In the development of the adult toy industry, China has consistently played a pivotal role. In fact, over 70% of adult toys are manufactured in China. This is not only due to China’s world-class manufacturing techniques and resources but also because Chinese manufacturers excel in meeting the demands of the international market. If you dream of customizing unique adult toys, please do not hesitate to contact us. We eagerly look forward to addressing all your production needs and turning your creativity into reality.

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