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Welcome to the fascinating world of adult industry expos! In this blog, we will delve into some of the most significant trade shows that shape the adult products market. From the glitzy AVN Show in the US to the innovative eroFame in Germany, these expos offer a unique platform for wholesalers and brands to showcase their latest offerings and forge valuable partnerships. Join us on this journey of discovery and stay tuned for insights into the thriving adult novelty landscape. Let’s dive into the excitement and opportunities that await at these remarkable events!

1. AAE- Asia Adult Expo

Official Website:

Date: August 29, 2023- August 31,2023

The AAE-Asia Adult Expo in Hong Kong is a highly acclaimed professional trade exhibition in the Asia-Pacific region and an indispensable event among numerous global adult products expos. Over the years, this expo has been favored by Chinese, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and neighboring countries’ exhibitors. Many Chinese participants express their commitment to further developing the regional market and actively engaging in this specialized event.

As the first trade and conference event in the Asia-Pacific region dedicated to the adult industry, the AAE-Asia Adult Expo offers exhibitors a valuable platform to establish networks, conduct transactions, and seek potential business partners. The exhibitor community includes wholesalers and traders, all seeking high-quality imported products to meet market demands.

The last edition of the AAE-Asia Adult Expo showcased an exhibition area of 16,000 square meters, hosting 310 exhibitors from China, Dubai, Turkey, India, the United States, France, the United Kingdom, Australia, and other countries. The expo attracted the enthusiastic participation of 25,000 professional visitors.

The AAE-Asia Adult Expo demonstrates its robust global industry network, providing a professional platform for the sustainable development of the adult industry. For Chinese adult product enterprises, this expo in Hong Kong serves as the ideal trade platform to expand into the Asia-Pacific market.

2.API EXPO (Shanghai International Adult Products Industry Expo) Website:

The China Adult-Care EXPO, known as the Shanghai International Adult Health and Reproductive Health Exhibition, is a highly popular professional trade show in Asia and an indispensable event among numerous global adult product exhibitions. Over the years, this expo has been highly favored by local and neighboring countries’ exhibitors, and many participants express their commitment to further developing the regional market and actively participating in this specialized event.

As the world’s second-largest adult product exhibition, the Shanghai Adult-Care EXPO adheres to the philosophy of “trade-oriented, demand-driven, and development-focused,” providing an industry platform that integrates new product releases, domestic and foreign trade, economic cooperation, technology and academic exchanges, cultural dissemination, social welfare, and sex education in one.

The previous edition covered an exhibition area of 14,000 square meters with 300 participating companies and attracted 46,810 professional visitors. During the expo, national policy departments, industry market research institutions, international brand representatives, domestic industry leaders, emerging forces, end-user representatives, sex health, sex culture experts, and scholars gathered together.

The Shanghai Adult-Care EXPO provides an opportunity for the industry to collaborate on the development of the adult industry and collectively plan for a successful future. It promotes the internationalization, high-end orientation, specialization, and academicization of the adult product industry, while observing new trends, introducing new technologies, and promoting new concepts in the adult product industry, both domestically and internationally.

3.eroFame Expo In Germany

Official Website:

Date: October 11th to October 13th, 2023.

Ero Fame, the adult product exhibition in Hanover, Germany, is a highly popular professional trade show and an indispensable event among numerous global adult product expos. Over the years, it has been well-received by local and neighboring countries’ exhibitors, with many Chinese participants expressing their commitment to further developing the regional market and actively engaging in this specialized event.

As the preferred adult novelty exhibition in Europe, Ero Fame showcases multimedia, networking, and adult products, serving as a professional platform for industry exchange. The previous edition covered a total area of 10,000 square meters with 200 participating companies from various countries and regions, attracting 15,420 professional attendees.

The annual EROTIX AWARDS ceremony acknowledges outstanding contributions by companies, individuals, and products in the adult product industry. The expo provides valuable business opportunities for exhibitors and buyers, enabling them to conduct business negotiations, establish partnerships, and explore potential business alliances on-site. Additionally, it offers a platform for industry experts, scholars, and practitioners to exchange ideas and promote continuous development and innovation within the field.

For those interested in exhibiting or visiting Ero Fame, please refer to the official website for the latest expo dates, registration procedures, and event details. It presents a rare opportunity for adult product industry professionals and enthusiasts to gain insights into industry trends and the latest product innovations.

4. Venus Berlin in Germany

Official website:

Date: October 26th to October 29th, 2023.

Venus Berlin, the adult trade fair held in Berlin, Germany, is a highly popular professional exhibition in Europe, attracting exhibitors and buyers from Germany and neighboring countries. Since its establishment in 1996, Venus Berlin has focused on showcasing adult products, multimedia, and network-related industries, becoming one of the renowned adult product exhibitions in the European and American regions. With a total exhibition area of 15,000 square meters, the event draws around 320 participating companies and approximately 29,000 visitors annually.

Venus Berlin features both a general exhibition area open to the general public and professional visitors and a dedicated professional exhibition area exclusively for industry professionals. This thoughtful segmentation ensures effective communication and business negotiations between exhibitors and professionals. Additionally, the trade show includes a specialized B2B area known as the Intimate Show, attracting prominent adult product manufacturers from around the world.

As a top-notch adult product exhibition, Venus Berlin provides valuable business opportunities and an academic exchange platform for exhibitors and professional trade visitors. Through this platform, exhibitors can showcase their latest products and expand their markets, while professional visitors have the chance to stay updated on industry trends and establish cooperative relationships. The success of Venus Berlin not only fosters innovative development in the adult industry but also promotes international cooperation and exchange, making it a significant event that industry practitioners and enthusiasts in the adult product sector should not miss.


Official Website:

The ETO SHOW, the adult product exhibition held in Coventry, United Kingdom, is a highly acclaimed professional trade event by local attendees and neighboring countries.

As the UK’s premier and most professional adult product industry exhibition, the ETO SHOW has been an essential tool and reference material for every company involved in the entertainment and adult sectors since its inception in 2003.

In the last edition, the ETO SHOW covered a total area of 6,000 square meters and welcomed 128 participating companies from countries such as Turkey, Switzerland, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, China, Russia, Australia, Canada, the United States, and Brazil. The event attracted 4,500 visitors.

Each year, the ETO SHOW provides exhibitors with new opportunities and business expansion, facilitating a convenient platform to showcase their businesses. The exhibition draws major distributors, brands, manufacturers from the UK and Europe, along with numerous high-quality niche adult suppliers.

The ETO SHOW is an unmissable networking platform for industry professionals, offering opportunities to share experiences and gain insights into industry trends. Both exhibitors and attendees actively contribute to the continuous development and innovation of the adult product industry.

6.EroExpo in Russia

Official Website:

October 19th,  to October 21st, 2023.

EroExpo, the adult products exhibition held in Moscow, Russia, is a significant event in the adult novelty industry of Eastern Europe. It brings together numerous manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, and retailers of adult products. Renowned global high-end brands like Satisfyer from Germany, HOT and Fun from Austria, MyStim, Topco, System Jo lubricants, and Tokoy Design all participate in this grand event.

As a B2B trade show, EroExpo provides an excellent platform for participants to exchange ideas, discuss industry matters, and foster collaborations, strengthening existing business partnerships.

EroExpo is hailed as a feast in the adult novelty industry and serves as the best trade platform for Chinese adult products companies to enter the Russian and Eastern European markets. The exhibition offers valuable opportunities for exhibitors to expand their market presence and explore potential business opportunities while facilitating international cooperation and development in the adult products industry.

7. Intimi Expo in Brazil

Intimi Expo, the adult products exhibition held in São Paulo, Brazil, is the largest and most professional trade show in the adult products industry. It is dedicated to creating a new and specialized platform for adult products. With the support of the prestigious European magazine SIGN, Intimi Expo has rapidly grown into a professional B2B adult products trade expo.

In the previous edition, Intimi Expo covered a total exhibition area of 12,000 square meters, featuring 270 exhibitors from China, Hong Kong, Russia, Germany, the UK, the USA, Spain, Australia, India, Indonesia, and other countries. The event attracted the participation of 8,300 industry professionals.

During Intimi Expo, special arrangements were made for exhibitors in the erotic lingerie sector, providing them with a free T-stage to showcase their products and attract more attention. Additionally, there was a dedicated seminar room with a capacity for over 200 attendees, where major sponsors invited industry experts to present lectures on products and sexual knowledge.

Intimi Expo is a crucial exhibition that offers valuable business opportunities for adult products industry professionals. It serves as a beneficial platform to drive industry development and foster professional exchanges. Participating in Intimi Expo can help expand markets, discover new products, and establish fruitful partnerships, thereby contributing to greater commercial success for companies.

8. EXXXOTICA in Chicago

The EXXXOTICA Adult Products Exhibition in Chicago, USA, is a popular domestic adult products touring expo. This grand event attracts numerous visitors who come to indulge in the world of adult entertainment and pleasure. Attendees have the exciting opportunity to meet their favorite adult film stars and take photos with them. The glamorous female stars warmly interact with the audience, creating an intimate and joyful atmosphere. Additionally, the exhibition features playful attendees imitating intimate scenes from adult films, adding to the overall festive ambiance.

The last edition of the EXXXOTICA Adult Products Exhibition covered a total area of 16,000 square meters, with exhibitors from around the world, including China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Russia, Germany, Italy, India, Spain, Mexico, Canada, and more. The event attracted 14,500 professional attendees. The exhibition also hosted a Cosplay performance competition, attracting many trendy participants and adding to the lively atmosphere.

The EXXXOTICA Adult Products Exhibition in Chicago serves as the premier platform for showcasing brand products of major adult product companies, providing valuable opportunities for industry networking and collaboration. This significant exhibition holds a prominent position in the domestic adult products industry in the United States, offering enriching experiences and fruitful outcomes for both exhibitors and visitors.

9. AVN Show -AVN Media Network in US

Official Website:

Date: JAN 24 – 27 2024

The AVN Show is one of the globally renowned adult entertainment industry exhibitions organized by AVN Media Network in the United States. As a premier event in the adult entertainment industry, the AVN Show takes place annually in Las Vegas, attracting top companies, producers, retailers, distributors, actors, filmmakers, and media professionals from around the world. The exhibition is of a grand scale, drawing professional attendees and industry insiders from various corners of the globe.

The AVN Show provides a unique platform for exhibitors to showcase their latest products and services and establish connections with key figures in the industry. The event features exhibition displays, product launches, industry forums, and seminars, offering participants an opportunity to gain insights into industry trends, exchange experiences, and engage in discussions.

A significant part of the exhibition is the AVN Awards, the highest honor in the adult entertainment industry, recognizing outstanding achievements in film production, performances, directing, and other fields. The AVN Awards ceremony attracts considerable attention and anticipation from both industry insiders and the general audience.

The AVN Show is a professional yet entertaining exhibition, providing a unique platform for collaboration and networking within the adult entertainment industry, while showcasing the industry’s innovation and accomplishments.

10. ANME(Adult Novelty Manufacturers Expo)in US

ANME (Adult Novelty Manufacturers Expo) is a professional exhibition in the adult products industry in the United States, co-hosted by the Adult Video News (AVN) and the Southern California-based SEPA (Sexual Health & Wellness Expo). The event takes place annually in Anaheim, California, bringing together manufacturers, brand representatives, wholesalers, distributors, and retailers from the adult products industry.

ANME provides a crucial platform for business exchange in the adult products industry, allowing exhibitors to showcase their latest products and innovative technologies while establishing connections with potential partners. The exhibition covers a wide range of adult products, including adult toys, lubricants, lingerie, health care products, and more.

In addition to the exhibit displays, ANME features a dedicated business negotiation area, facilitating in-depth discussions and collaborations between exhibitors and attendees. The event also hosts industry forums, seminars, and training sessions, offering participants insights into market trends and knowledge-sharing opportunities.

ANME attracts professionals from the adult products industry globally, providing them with an important opportunity to understand market demands, explore business opportunities, and promote their brands. Furthermore, the exhibition drives the development and innovation in the adult products industry, promoting its professionalization and high-end growth.


Discover the pinnacle of the adult products industry through our comprehensive guide to the most significant trade shows and exhibitions. Unveil a world of opportunities, connect with top manufacturers, wholesalers, and brands, and stay ahead of the curve with the latest innovations. Dive into a treasure trove of insights and build prosperous partnerships. Unlock your business potential by exploring these influential expos and take your enterprise to new heights. Join us in exploring the forefront of the adult products industry and witness the future of pleasure.

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