Correct Way to Cleaning & Maintenance of Adult Products

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Why we need to cleaning & Maintenance the adult Products

1. Adult products come into direct contact with the body, so it is important to clean them to ensuring hygienic and healthy use.
2. Improperly cleaned adult products can harbor bacteria and other pathogens
3. Regular cleaning and maintenance can prolong the lifespan of adult products

How to Cleaning the adult products

1. Understand the material and waterproof Grade of your adult products.
Most adult products were produced from silicone,TPE, glass & metal parts. So we need using different ways to clean the different parts of adult products.
2. It’s important to using gentle cleanser or special cleanser for adult products to clean them.Avoid using cleansers that contain alcohol, ammonia, or bleach, as they can be irritating.
3. Using warm water instead of hot water or cold water to clean them. Too hot water may damage the small parts in adult products.
4. For the electronic parts of adult products, we may need to clean it carefully. Avoid water exposure to electronic components.
5. Due to the various shapes and intricate designs of adult products, it is recommended to use non-woven fabric, soft-bristle brushes, or similar cleaning tools for effective cleaning.
6. Gently dry the surface of adult products using a soft towel or tissue. Avoid using towels with fibers or rough materials to prevent scratching or damaging the product.


clean sex toys 2
clean sex toys

Hygiene requirements of adult products

Adult products, like your toothbrush, are personal items and not recommended for sharing with others. Additionally, adult products have a lifespan as electronic devices, and it is necessary to regularly replace them with new ones. Please refrain from using damaged or irritating adult products.

How to Maintenance the adult products

1. Storage of adult products: Please avoid to put your adult products in high temperatures, sunlight, or humid environments, as these conditions can significantly affect the lifespan of the products.
2. Use lubricants: As adult products come into direct contact with the body, we highly recommend to use lubricants to reduce Product wear and tear to extend their lifetime.
3. Avoid man-made damage: we need to avoid excessively pull or strain adult products, or refrain from using harsh cleaning agents to clean them.


When it comes to understanding how to clean and maintain our adult products, it is essential to read the product’s user manual. Typically, the user manual provides relevant information about the product, which gives us a general understanding of our adult products and how to clean and maintain them properly.

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