What you should know before buy a second hand sex toys

Sex Toys gets very popular recently year and there are many different type of sex toys on the market, as a sex toys lover, it may very hard to try different kinds of sex toys due to the high cost to buy so many kinds of sex toys. So second hand sex toys maybe a good choice for us.

But, before buy a secondhand sex toys, we may need consider more as follows.

Health and Hygiene Concerns

  1. Infectious Disease Issues

Sex toys are products that have intimate contact with the body, so using sex toys used by others is easy to be infected with diseases, such as skin diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, and AIDS.

  1. Sex Toys Cleaning Issues

Most sex toys will be cleaned with water or soap, but it is difficult for us to ensure that they are completely cleaned. So using unclean second hand sex toys can easily make us infected with diseases. To know how to cleaning your sex toys, pls check our another post –Correct Way to Cleaning & Maintenance of Adult Products

  1. Physical harm to us

Most second hand sex toys are used by some else and the product is subject to wear or damage. So the second hand sex toys may caused physical harm to us.

  1. Lifetime of a sex toy

All products will have a service life, especially sex toys, battery consumption and product wear will affect the service life. Older products release harmful chemicals.

So these are what we need to re-consider before buy a second hand sex toy. In another way, Using second-hand sex toys is very friendly to our environment and can reduce harmful waste and carbon emissions. Here providing some tips when purchasing a second hand sex toys.

Tips for Purchasing a Second hand sex toy

  1. First of all, as a end user, it is important to check the seller’s reputation. Understand how they clean the second hand sex toys.
  2. Check the material of this sex toy, Normally, toys that are smooth and flat will be easier to clean than bumpy, porous ones. And metal or glass material ones will be more easy to clean.
  3. Check product usage, wear and condition.
  4. Please be sure to clean the sex toy again after purchased from the seller even if they said this one cleaned already.
  5. Use with condoms would be more safer.

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