Women How To Use Masturbator?

Hi girls, have you ever bought a female masturbator?

Recently, Duoduo made a small discovery—there are more and more types of “female masturbation devices”, and the discussion is getting higher and higher. Girls don’t seem to be very taboo about this topic.

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Women How To Use Masturbator? 3

From a set of data released by Zhiyan Consulting, it can be seen that the sales of female appliances are growing continuously, and the growth rates in 2018 and 2019 reached 114.4% and 67.2%, respectively, far exceeding the growth rate of the male market.

This also shows that the market share of women’s sex toys is increasing year by year, and more and more women are buying sex toys.

So, today I will talk to you about the female masturbation devices~

When was the first time a girl used a small toy?

The age distribution of women who use small toys for the first time is as follows: 18-25 years old accounted for 23%, 26-35 years old accounted for 51%, 36-45 years old accounted for 19%, 45 More than 7% of the age group use it; more than 20% of virgins also use small toys~

Toys not only did not hinder their couple life, but deepened and improved their life experience.

That’s because toys have parts that real people can’t replace, and real people have places that toys can’t replace.

The high-speed motor and the sound wave sucking deep into the body can easily exceed the human limit, but the whispers in the ear, the sweat stained with pheromones, and the heat between the lips and teeth are all pleasures that toys cannot provide.

Using toys is not to embarrass your partner, but on the contrary, to allow you and your partner to better control each other’s bodies, so that each other can feel more happy things.

Because no matter for men or women, toys are your partners, your wingmen, your humidifiers, and pacemakers.

How to use the female masturbator correctly?

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  1. Understand the toy in your hand

Try to operate the buttons on the toy and learn about the various functions of the product such as vibration method, force, speed, etc.

Check the product for sharp corners and thorns to ensure safe use.

Gently pull on the various cables to ensure a stable connection.

If the product has quality defects, stop using it immediately.

  1. Try it alone

Even for toys that require two people to work together, it’s best to try it alone before using it. Maybe you will feel a little uncomfortable, but this will allow you to focus on experiencing how the toy makes you feel (whether good or bad). If you are afraid that the noise of the toy will attract attention, you can play music or put a blanket on it to reduce the noise. Therefore, noise is also one of the criteria to measure the quality of toys.

  1. light

Not everyone is comfortable with using toys under light, and sight doesn’t arouse their desire. Light allows freer use of the toy and quicker problem solving, darkness may not be as easy to operate the toy. It is easier to find your most sensitive and comfortable place.

  1. Apply a little lubricant.

If possible, please apply lubricant when the machine is turned off, which can effectively improve the use feeling of the toy and eliminate friction pain that may be caused by drying. It is recommended to choose a lubricant with high viscosity for toys.

  1. Explore slowly.

Vibrating toys live on electricity and vibrate forever, overheating may burn out the motor, but the time before burning out is enough time to explore various parts of the body and find a favorite spot. Many women use such toys to stimulate the G-spot, claiming that the honey bean responds much better to vibration stimulation than other parts, but many women claim that other parts also bring about completely different feelings. Therefore, it is entirely necessary to prepare two or more different vibrating toys.

  1. Experience different speeds.

Most of the vibrating toys have a speed regulation function (more than two shock speeds, but small bullet-shaped vibrating eggs generally do not have a speed regulation function). Start using the low speed mode, if the low speed mode feels too strong, try wrapping it in a towel to reduce the force of the toy pressing on the skin. You may find that different parts of your body respond optimally to vibrations at different speeds and intensities.

Sex life should be happy, the existence of these bad habits will make everything less beautiful, so we must pay more attention to sex life and try to change these bad habits. Of course, long-term frequent masturbation is not good for women’s health, so women cannot rely on masturbation.

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