Top 6 Sex Toys to Boost Your Wholesale Business – A Guide for Importers

Sexual satisfaction is an eternal human need, and everyone has the right to achieve it. When we can’t find sexual satisfaction in our partners, sex toys can help us address this issue effectively. As an experienced sex toys manufacturer, I am pleased to share my thoughts on the top ten sex toys. Your wholesale or import business should definitely consider stocking them. From assisting you in selecting the right products to understanding the crucial aspects of this niche market, let’s dive right in!

1. Vulva Toys

Vulva Toys are the first products considered by Sex Toy Beginners. As non-insertable sex toys, Vulva Toys are more readily accepted by beginners. Vulva Toys mainly aim to help female users achieve orgasm through clitoral stimulation. Common Vulva Toys include Vibrating Wands, Clitoral Vibrators, Clitoral Clamps, Pussy Pumps and Clitoral Pumps, Clitoral Suction toys. Currently, the best-sellers are Vibrating Wands and Clitoral Vibrators. You can contact us for more detailed information.

Red color AUB-893 Tongue Pro Realstic Tongue Licking Vibrator


play method of Small Vibrator Clitoral Stimulation


Purple color Clitoral Tongue Licking Vibrator 4


Magnetic Suction Invisible Wareable Vibrator


2. Vibrators

Vibrators are currently the most diverse and widely sold sex toys on the market. They are suitable for both Sex Toys Beginners and are a product type that advanced players often pay attention to. Vibrators are primarily insertable products, aimed at achieving orgasms through the stimulation of the G-spot or P-spot. Common types of vibrators include Anal Vibrators, Bullet Vibrators, G-Spot Vibrators, P-Spot Vibrators, Luxury Vibrators, Rabbit Vibrator & Dual-area Vibrators.

The demand for each type of these products is quite huge. Sex Toys Wholesalers or importers should first consider stocking G-spot Vibrators, P-Spot Vibrators & Bullet Vibrators.

AUB-645-2 Loach v2 Wiggling Thrusting Anal Plug With Cock Ring 10 wiggleing details


three colors of Realistic Rabbit Wand Vibrator


Chalk-Simple Bullet Vibrator 1 3 black color


app control of Balls Vibrator Anal Plug Vibrator


3. General Penetrative Toys

General Penetrative Toys are primarily non-vibrating insertable sex toys. These products are usually cheaper, and many consumers consider buying them in combination with other sex toys.

Commonly seen General Penetrative Toys on the market include Ben Wa Balls, Non-Vibrating Dildos, Double Penetration Dildos, Strap On Dildos, Kegel Exercisers, and Sex Machines.

Currently, the best-seller is Non-Vibrating Dildos, which come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to meet different consumers’ needs. Sex Toys Wholesalers and importers can pay particular attention to this category.

Fire Kirin-Inspired Dildo for Sensational Play details display


Little Red Riding Hood Super Big Dildo 56


Fetish Relastic Wareable Dildos Strap-On 5




4. Penile Toys

Penile Toys, which are a focus for male consumers, mainly improve sexual pleasure through the stimulation or binding of the penis. They primarily include Pocket Pussies, Cock Harnesses, and Cock Rings. Sex Toys Wholesalers and importers should prioritize stocking Pocket Pussies and Cock Rings.

Vibrating Cock Ring With Clitoral Stimulation




ALLURBE Nylon Resin Penis Lock 1


ALLURBE Starship-Glans Massage Male Penis Cap Stimulator1


5. Nipple Toys

A large portion of Nipple Toys serve as BDSM sex toys, such as Nipple Clamps. Another type, which tends to have a larger demand, are Suction Devices.



Rose Masturbator Clit Sucking Vibrator 4


6. Other Sex Toys

Other common sex toys mainly include Erotic Electro-stimulation devices, Erotic Furniture, Glass Sex Toys, or Metal Sex Toys. Sex Toys Wholesalers and Importers can consider stocking these based on their customers’ needs.



Electric-shock-Rabbit-BDSM-For-Beginners 11


There you have it – top 10 most-loved sex toys to level up your wholesale or import business! Always keep an eye on sales data and consumer preferences. Remember that sex toys should meet specific safety and testing standards, so stay updated on regulations and requirements.

Good luck, and may your toy selection be a booming success while bringing joy!

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